Better access to healthcare.

Pager uses technology to help patients better
navigate an expansive healthcare landscape
and connect them to
 quality care.

Get care
wherever you are

Immediate attention

Chat for free with a nurse who will assess the care you need.

Comfort first

Doctors call within minutes
and visit your home or office
as necessary.

Get better

Doctors order labs, send
prescriptions to your pharmacy
and have medication delivered.


Quality personal care

Board-certified doctors and nurses care for everyone
 in the family and treat anything from colds and flu to sprains and strains.

For medical emergencies call 911.

Nurse Chat

Download Pager and receive
immediate access to care
through our free nurse chat.

Our Services

Common illnesses

Treatment for colds, flu, strep throat, allergy, asthma, UTIs, upper respiratory infections, migraines and skin conditions.

Minor injuries

Care for sprains, strains,
bites, burns, mild fractures, abrasions, lacerations and wounds.

Labs & tests

Lab tests and instant
results for STI screenings, diabetes, cholesterol and
high blood pressure.